Code of Values

All members strive to ensure that the lab environment is open, safe, and free from discrimination, bullying, and harassment. Discrimination on any basis is abhorrent and unacceptable to us. The lab is committed to contributing to an equitable society through our science and actions.

We will achieve these goals by being:

Professional in our conduct

  • Being punctual
  • Being prepared for meetings and lab duties
  • Following safety procedures
  • Cleaning up shared/communal work space after use
  • Treating equipment with care
  • Accepting responsibility for your mistakes and proactively preventing similar issues in future
  • Mindful of others schedule and personal boundaries
  • Acknowledging others’ contributions to our success
  • Conducting research in a transparent manner

Welcoming and inclusive to other lab members and people outside of the lab

  • Supporting and welcoming people from all backgrounds and identities
  • Valuing and respecting the unique attributes and each others perspectives
  • Being considerate of the words we choose while interacting with others
  • Ensuring every lab member has the opportunity to participate both within the lab and in social work settings
  • Not addressing others in intimidating or demeaning manner
  • Not bullying others

Collaborative, which is a critical pillar to doing good, impactful research

  • Being enthusiastic about explaining our achievements to others so they can build on our work to make it even better
  • Actively seeking out and engaging with external groups in a transparent manner
  • Assisting other lab members as needed
  • Being open to constructive feedback from lab members

Understanding whilst dealing with team members and/or people outside the lab

  • Working together to resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Assuming good intentions when challenged and acting in an empathetic manner
  • Acting in good faith
  • Giving colleagues benefit of the doubt
  • Not allowing frustrations to turn into personal attacks

Inquisitive, which is perhaps one of the most critical reasons we do what we do

  • Learning about the breadth of projects in the lab
  • Learning about techniques and research that can help improve our work
  • Asking questions, especially early to avoid problems later
  • And, asking what we might think are silly questions (they never are)

Careful in our actions and words

  • Taking responsibility for our own speech and actions
  • Not insulting or putting others down
  • Not engaging in exclusionary or abusive behaviours

Kind to others and yourself. Certain aspects of academic research can be detrimental to mental health and caring for ourselves

  • Finding the right support structure
  • Taking a pre-emptive approach towards the maintenance of our mental health
  • Being familiar with sources of help on campus
  • Helping create the environment conducive to mental health of all lab members
  • Modelling healthy work practices ourselves
  • Forgiving ourselves
  • Giving ourselves due credit for our successes (they were not down to chance!)

If this code can be made more inclusive and comprehensive, please reach out to Himanshu.